Since 2017, our company, A Good Cause, has been designed to be the world’s most secure fundraising solution. The owners at aGoodCause have procured the strongest online protection and security available. A Good Cause has the highest level of PCI compliance, malware protection, SSL certification, and the most fortified payment processor in the world. Additionally, our cybersecurity is managed by certified security engineers that routinely scan our internal and external security controls to help keep our patrons and our website safe from potential threats. On a regular basis and its associated sites are scanned for and protected against thousands of potential vulnerabilities. We consistently and relentlessly do all this to ensure that we offer the world’s most secure fundraising platform at A Good Cause.

We have partnered with Trust Guard and Clone-Systems; global leaders that provide the ultimate cybersecurity protection. To find out more about these businesses, please go to their particular websites: and

Additionally, all of our campaigns go through a verification process by another third party,  Bottom-line, aGoodCause is taking important extra steps to help ensure that the campaigns on our platform are authentic and trustworthy.

Providing a secure fundraising platform, that can be trusted, is one of the many things that sets aGoodCause apart from the competition.  If you have more questions about our security solutions, please do not hesitate to ask one of our support professionals.

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