This is a true story as told by Luke Brandley, Co-Founder of A Good Cause Global, LLC.

The summer of 2017 was a world-wind of tragedy, narrowly escaping death, and massive medical expenses that were extremely daunting.

One late evening in July, my  healthy and beautiful wife was sitting on our couch when she unexpectedly had a seizure in her right arm.  Immediately, after the seizure she lost all movement in her legs – she became paralyzed from the waist down. This was very terrifying. Her legs were paralyzed for nearly two months.  The doctors discovered that she had a Chiari Malformation that exceeded 15 millimeters protruding from her brain. The Chiari was pressed hard against the spinal cord and blocking it from receiving enough fluid; therefore, interrupting her brain from properly communicating with her legs.  At length it was determined that she would have to have brain surgery.  

Unfortunately, it got much worse before it got better.  In the first attempted surgery she almost died.  Thank goodness that the second attempt at surgery was a huge success.  Months later, miraculously and thankfully, she is now walking again. I call her my miracle girl.

While my wife and I were at the hospital – I stayed with her nearly 24/7 – our neighbors fed our 9 children, built a ramp for my wife’s new wheelchair, my mother-in-law came and stayed at our house to care for our children, and I believe my wife was prayed for by hundreds of loving people from at least four continents.  I could not believe the tremendous outpouring of generosity and thoughtfulness by so many. A dear friend brought me dinner, up at the hospital, numerous times.  People came to visit us and brought love and gifts, and drove my kids around to their activities and sporting events. I was truly in awe and overwhelmed by the goodness of others.

Yes, we were going through an enormous trial; however, at the same time I was sincerely thankful (and forever will be) for all the tender mercies and genuine miracles that were happening all around me by the unbelievable kindness and generosity rendered by so many people in behalf of my family and I.  

It is true that “when it rains, it pours”.  While my wife was in rehab at the hospital, our son complained about his heart beating too fast.  Well, come to find out, his heart actually exceeded the heart monitor he was required to wear (over 250 beats per minute) so, he was brought to the same ER that my wife had been rushed to only a few weeks earlier.  He too had to have surgery – heart surgery.  Beyond adequate words to express my earnest feelings of inexplicable gratitude, his heart surgery was also a success.

This entire ordeal taught me that life is so very fragile, each moment on planet earth is a gift, and that there are so many seriously amazing people that endow others with small acts of kindness that truly make all the difference.

When many people come together to support a good cause, it makes a ginormous impact.  I knew from these tender moments that, going forward, my life would never be the same and that I wanted to do for others the same sort of  kind deeds that so many did for my family and I.

These experiences, and many more like them, have been the fuel behind creating

Author: Luke Brandley

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