As you strive to raise awareness for your cause, it is important that you take advantage of a variety of social media platforms. Promoting your campaign on social media is cost effective and is an easy marketing tool that even the least tech savvy individuals can use. (Learn more here.) Below are four simple ways to use social media to promote your cause and its campaign.

  1. Variety of Content = Having a variety of content will keep your social accounts feeling fresh and will help to engage a wider audience of followers who each enjoy different ways of consuming content. To make the most of your time and efforts, be sure to post the right type of content on each of your platforms.
  1. Authentic Content = As you post content about your cause, be sure to make it as authentic as possible. Effective marketing tells a good story and an engaging, purpose driven story gives your audience something to rally behind. So be sure to provide details, candid photos, and other content that is genuine and real.
  1. Consistent Schedule = If your cause has specific social media accounts that you run, be sure to follow a consistent schedule when posting content. Consistent posting will help keep your audience engaged because they know how often you post and when to expect a new piece of content. As you plan your posting schedule, be sure not to over-post and therefore overwhelm your audience with your content.
  1. Engage = One of the advantages that social media has over traditional marketing outlets is the ability it provides to immediately interact with your followers. As your audience reacts to your content, be sure to engage with them in return. If someone comments on your post, whether positively or negatively, be sure to quickly respond to their statements. If someone shares your content or tags you in their own content, engage with them by liking their post and leaving a comment. Engaging with your audience through social media helps them to develop a personal relationship with your cause and to become more personally invested in it.

by Brindisi Olsen

Using social media to promote your campaign is a great way to reach and engage with your audience.  This is. ultimately,  the best way to gain more support for your cause. If you are looking for more ways to promote your campaign on a specific platform such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, or a blog then here may a great resource for you:


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