When looking for your next school, club or team fundraiser, here are the top five that I believe are worth the time and effort.

It’s that time of year again, kids have returned to school and fall is on the horizon. With this change comes the inevitable school fundraisers that some look forward to with excitement while others dread. This is especially true for school administration, teachers, PTA members, coaches and club leaders. Every school, club, team and organization are out there trying to sell something different to raise the necessary funds to accomplish their goals. While many fundraisers tend to happen around the beginning of the school year, schools tend to hold numerous fundraisers throughout the school year for different teams and clubs.

School and team fundraising provide the finances necessary for teams and clubs to purchase necessary equipment, travel to games and competitions. Fundraising can also provide schools with the ability to offer scholarships, start new programs, teams or clubs. School fundraising efforts also make the difference between a school thriving and providing their students with ample opportunities and resources; and simply surviving for other schools.

Because schools, teams, groups and clubs are dependent upon fundraising, it is in everyone’s best interest to invest in a fundraiser that will reap the most rewards. With so many different fundraising options available, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth the time and effort required to make them successful and which ones you should pass on.

A quick Google search for “school fundraising ideas”, will yield you with numerous results, all claiming to be the “best” school fundraiser. Some of the ideas that you might find, can be surprising and a bit extravagant, whereas other ideas are creative and highly successful. This can be a great way to jump-start your brain storming of different fundraisers that you might be interested in trying. You’ll be exposed to different ideas, many of which you may not have thought of before. Being presented with so many different options, can be daunting as you try to weed through them and find the right one for your school, club or team.

Prior to making a decision, you’ll need to do a bit of research and set some goals. How much time do you have to invest into promoting your fundraiser? How many people are going to be working alongside you to make your chosen fundraiser successful? How much money are you hoping to raise through your fundraising efforts? What are the success rates of the proposed fundraisers you are considering? Do their projections correspond with the goals you’ve set for your fundraising efforts? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you to determine which fundraisers you are considering will be worth the time and effort necessary to be successful.

Having students participate in fundraising, comes with many valuable life-skills that they will take with them long after their school days are behind them. These skills include leadership attributes and confidence. When students work together with their peers, they learn the valuable skill of teamwork, and working with others, including teachers and parents to ultimately reach their fundraising goals. Additionally, school fundraising provides parents and grandparents the opportunity to be involved in their child and grandchild’s life.

Again, when looking for your next school, club or team fundraiser, here are the top five that I believe are worth the time and effort….

School Fundraising Idea #1: Food

Food items are probably one of the most popular fundraisers there are, because everyone needs to eat. I’ve seen fundraisers where schools, teams and clubs are selling cookie dough, pizza, gourmet candy bars, discount drink cards, and large bags of potatoes. So, what is it about these types of fundraisers that make them so popular and wildly successful? I believe it is because they are easy to carry out, each participant reaches out to family, friends and neighbors to sell popular food items. These are items that most people generally enjoy consuming, or offer a great value at a discounted price. So, when they are able to purchase them, premade, and to support someone they know, most people are more inclined to make the purchase.

I know, I personally have purchased frozen cookie dough to support a neighbor’s daughter’s volleyball team. When asked if I’d like to purchase cookie dough, I didn’t even hesitate before readily agreeing. Cookie dough is one of those things that I like to have on hand, because I never know when I might need to make cookies. Plus, they were selling all my favorite flavors of cookie dough, which made it even more tempting to purchase.

Another popular one that I have seen a lot is schools, clubs and teams sell discount pizza cards. These are popular because not only are they relatively affordable, but they also offer great incentives for those who purchase them. Often times, discount pizza cards allow for the card holder to purchase pizzas at participating locations at a discounted price, or even earn free pizzas!

Food fundraisers are a win/win for everyone involved. Those who are selling the items for their fundraiser are raising the necessary funds they need, in a quick and easy way; while those who purchase the items get to reap the delicious benefits.

Other examples of food related fundraising ideas can include: doughnuts, cook books, smoothie discount cards, and even spaghetti dinner events. All of these fundraisers have been tried and proven to be successful as parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors are more inclined to purchase a food item that they can save and use at a later date, or indulge in right then. Additionally, having a discount card for pizza, or to your favorite smoothie shop can be incentive enough to make a purchase, as you know you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite items more than once, while saving money and contributing to a worthwhile fundraiser.

School Fundraising Idea #2: Local Restaurant Involvement

Similar to that of food fundraisers, another popular school fundraising idea that I have seen and participated in numerous times is that of involving the community. This typically includes local restaurants who are willing to donate a specific percentage of the profits made within a specified period of time to the fundraiser.

This is a great way to get the community involved in your fundraising efforts as people are always going out to eat, and are typically more inclined when they know they can eat and support a local school fundraiser. I have seen restaurants such as Pizza Pie Café, Chili’s and Chick-Fil-A participate in school fundraising. For me personally, when I hear about a local restaurant that is participating in a fundraiser, by giving a percentage back, I am more inclined to go out to dinner that night than I normally would be.

These types of fundraisers are so simple to do, as the majority of the work is done by the restaurant’s employees; all fundraiser organizers have to do is coordinate with the restaurant, and get the word out to their friends, family, neighbors and community. Even those who are unaware of a fundraiser going on, are able to contribute through their purchase of a meal, that they were going to purchase regardless of the fundraiser.

Unlike some other fundraisers, there may be some additional requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for a restaurant give back night. This may include being a non-profit organization, meeting size requirements, or disclosing the use of the funds raised and donated by the restaurant. Before signing up to do a school fundraiser through a restaurant, be sure that you check to see what all the requirements are.

While I was attending college, I was involved in a service club; where we would take our Spring Break and go to Mexico and do humanitarian projects, and help build homes for disabled individuals and families. This was always a rewarding experience to participate in, but it was also an expensive experience, as our club would have to purchase all the necessary building supplies. On top of that, all who went on the trip would have to pay their own way. Throughout the year, we would hold numerous fundraisers as a way to try and raise the necessary funds to purchase the supplies and to cut down on the out-of-pocket expenses of going on the trip.

The last year that I went on the trip, we had our most successful fundraiser ever; we had a dinner night at a local restaurant where a percentage of the profits from that night went to our club. As a busy college student, this was by far my favorite fundraiser as I knew that I needed to eat dinner that night, and I knew I also didn’t have a lot of extra time in my already busy schedule to devote to fundraising. This turned out to be a highly successful night, many people from our community turned out to help support our club and our goal of raising the necessary funds for our upcoming trip, while enjoying some delicious food! Through this fundraiser we were able to reach our fundraising goals, and have a successful spring break trip!

School Fundraising Idea #3: Coupon Books/Cards

Another extremely popular school fundraising idea that tends to do very well is that of selling coupon books and cards. These types of fundraisers tend to do so well because they offer numerous deals and promotions at a discounted price, with the funds going to support a local school.

A typical coupon book will have numerous coupons and special deals for local stores, restaurants and attractions. Included with the purchase of the coupon book, are coupons for everything from travel and entertainment to car and home maintenance. Most of the coupons offer a percentage off of services offered or a buy one, get one promotion. Those who have the coupon book are able to enjoy all the discounts for an entire year, in most cases, for one small price. I’ve seen some coupon books that costs around $25, and offer 100s of dollars of free items, along with thousands of dollars in savings. These are generally so popular because of all the good deals that can be found within. In fact, in my hometown, every year when school starts, I know people who will actively seek out students who are trying to sell the coupon books so that they can purchase a new one. Students don’t have to try and sell people on them, as they are so well known and well loved; people will purchase them year after year.

These are highly successful fundraisers, as they are easy to organize and carry out. Students are generally sent home with a sample booklet to show parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors to entice them to make a purchase. Once they see all the amazing offers that are included with the coupon book, it is hard to say “no” to purchasing one. In fact, some people even purchase more than one, that is how good of a deal they are!

School Fundraising Idea #4: Pajama/Free Dress Day

This fundraising idea is one that I wasn’t too familiar with until recently. This is more common in schools that require a school uniform, as it is easy for them to implement and carry out. The idea behind this fundraiser, is that on specific days, if students want to wear something other than their assigned school uniform (i.e., hats, pajamas, or free dress), they pay a dollar, or more, to do so.

This allows students to raise funds for their school, while doing something fun and out of the norm for them. Depending on the school, some will charge a dollar, or more, for the privilege of wearing a hat, and an additional dollar for free dress. This allows for students to choose how much they want to “pay” to wear what they want, or if they’d rather stick to their assigned uniform.

This is one of the simplest ways to raise money for schools, as it requires very little planning, advertising and work for the teachers, PTA, or school administration. Parents are also in favor of this type of fundraiser, as it is inexpensive, requires little to no extra effort on their part, as they only have to remember to send their child to school with the required amount to pay for the privilege of free dress for the day.

Students also tend to enjoy the idea of getting to wear something other than their school uniform, as their free dress wardrobe often is a better representation of their personality. While it is a fun and easy way for schools to raise money, not all students want to or are able to participate. This is what makes having a free dress day, a great fundraiser for schools is that is allows for students to participate if they want to, without feeling pressured that they have to participate. Many schools will have free dress days on a regular basis, such as once a month, or bi-weekly.

School Fundraising Idea #5: aGoodCause

agoodcause - Students and teacher

Another great way to raise funds for your school, club or team is through aGoodCause.com/Schools. This is a great way to raise funds from those beyond your local community, it allows for friends and family members who may not live close by the opportunity to contribute that otherwise would not be able to donate due to geographical constraints.

Unlike other fundraising options available, aGoodCause, makes it easy through their online platform that allows for fast and secure donations to be made to specific causes, teams, clubs and schools. This allows grandparents, aunts, uncles and others who would like to make a simple financial donation, the ability to do so without having to purchase anything.

One of the biggest differences between fundraising through aGoodCause and other options available is that aGoodCause gives the biggest percentage of money earned back to the organizer of the fundraiser. This is why a high school football team who have lost all their equipment due to a fire, a high school choir group who got invited to perform at a national championship in New York and a high school cheerleading team who is traveling to Las Vegas for a national tournament have elected to use aGoodCause for their fundraising efforts.

Another thing that makes fundraising through aGoodCause different than other online fundraising platforms, is they allow for you to assign a goal to each member of the team or club who is working towards raising the necessary funds to meet their goal. This creates a healthy level of competition between participants as they are all working towards achieving the same end goal. This is achieved by seeing how each participant is doing in terms of percentage of their goal of contributing to the overall team or club goal. This also helps to create a visual representation of the team work that goes into making fundraising successful. When we all work together to achieve a common goal, amazing things can and do happen!

This can prove to be especially beneficial, as many clubs and teams who are raising funds are those who are involved in high school fundraising efforts for their school sports teams, fine arts departments and clubs. Often times these groups are trying hard to raise funds so that they can participate in prestigious or national competitions or they have been invited to perform at elite venues. Regardless of where they are trying to get to, the bottom line is many schools do not have it in their budgets to send clubs and teams to competitions and performances without team fundraising.

When schools, clubs and team fundraising is accomplished through aGoodCause, there is no inventory for you to keep track of or be responsible for. aGoodCause makes fundraising simple and easy, just the way that it should be. As an approved fundraising vendor of countless school districts located throughout the United States, it is just one more way that aGoodCause stands out from the rest, helping to secure you with a fundraising campaign that will be successful.

To learn more about how aGoodCause can help you with your next school, club or team fundraiser, please visit https://aGoodCause.com/Schools/.

How to Get Started with aGoodCause

As you can see, there are lots of fun, creative and diverse ways to get your students involved in raising funds for their school, along with specific clubs and teams that they are members of. For those that have helped to organize fundraisers in the past, know that they can be a lot of work and don’t always reap the rewards equal to the efforts expended. This is what makes aGoodCause different. It is easy to create a campaign, share and promote your campaign, and invite others to donate through a secure online platform. Next time you’re in charge of coming up with school fundraising ideas, consider adding aGoodCause to your list.

Fundraising no longer has to be a daunting task that school administrators, teachers and PTA members dread having to organize and execute. Thanks to aGoodCause, you are able to quickly establish a cause that allows for students, faculty and staff to raise the necessary funds without having to add “fundraiser” to their never-ending to-do list.

aGoodCause has revolutionized the world of fundraising, by making it fun, safe and easy to do. Parents no longer have to worry about their children canvassing the neighborhood or community asking for donations or trying to sell products to raise money, it is all done online!

To get your fundraising started, visit https://aGoodCause.com/Schools/

Here you will be able to create a campaign specific to your school, club or team. You will also find other campaigns that you can donate to, if you feel so inclined to do so. From here, you’ll be able to share your campaign with the rest of your school, team and club members, parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors and so many more. Raising money for your school, club or team has never been easier. Visit https://aGoodCause.com/Schools/ and get started with your school fundraising today!


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