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agoodcause vs schoolmate

The main differences between SchoolMate and aGoodCause is the cost of their platforms. SchoolMate only offers an average of 70% and aGoodCause leads the industry with an average of 92% payout. If $10,000 is donated that’s a difference of $2,200 more dollars you would earn if you worked with aGoodCause. The other fundamental difference is that SchoolMate is an inventory based fundraiser and aGoodCause has no inventory and is solely based online.

SchoolMate provides a check at the end of the campaign, about 7-10 days after the end of the campaign. aGoodCause makes daily automatic deposits throughout the entire campaign.

While SchoolMate has website security protection from a third party cybersecurity company, aGoodCause has gone the extra mile by procuring the strongest online protection and security available. aGoodCause has the highest level of PCI compliance, malware protection, SSL certification, and the mostfortified payment processor in the world. Additionally, their cybersecurity is managed by certified security engineers that routinely scanaGoodCause’s internal and external security controls to help keep their patrons and website safe from potential threats.

aGoodCause has developed hand-crafted, ready to implement, templates that are simply amazing. At no cost, aGoodCause furnishes these templates of pre-made emails and social media posts that have proven to be extremely effective. These templates have been designed to save educators, coaches, and directors time when communicating with their supporters about their cause.

Having superior customer support is so important in today’s world. SchoolMate offers an email ticketing solution and a toll free phone number, but no live chat support. aGoodCause offers the ultimate customer support with self-help tools/resources, email ticketing solution and live customer support that is available via phone or online live chat services.

Uniquely and proprietary to aGoodCause, is their Progress Bar, that quickly demonstrates how each team member is doing regarding their goal. This helps improve curiosity, healthy competition, and accountability.

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