Not all of us are on the front lines fighting the coronavirus pandemic, but we can all still be heroes during this trying time. Here are six ways that you can be an everyday hero during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Send a Letter
Adults and children can all take the time to sit down and write a letter. You can send a letter to healthcare professionals, grocery workers, teachers, farmers, mail carriers, and other individuals who are helping to fight the virus as well as keep our world running during the quarantine. Little children who can’t write yet can choose to color a picture instead.

agoodcause - We Need Your Help Welfare Donation ConceptDonate to a Fundraising Campaign
Many individuals are struggling financially due to illness or being recently unemployed due to the quarantine. You can still help them by donating what you can to online fundraising cause. Or, if you have a friend in need, you can start a fundraising cause to help them. Whether it’s one dollar or ten, any donation that you can give will make a difference.

Start a Little Free Pantry
Inspired by the popular Little Free Libraries, start a Little Free Pantry in your community. In a designated place, whether in a refurbished birdhouse or in the lobby of your apartment building, store nonperishable items like canned goods, pasta, and grains. Here individuals can find some relief if they are struggling to access food. Leave a sign instructing visitors to “Take What You Need, Leave What You Can.” This will encourage others to add to and replenish the Little Free Pantry, if they are able.

Wear a Mask
Another way you can help fight the pandemic is by wearing a mask or face covering while out in public. By taking these precautions you not only help to stop the spread of the virus to your family but also to those around you who may be more vulnerable.

Deliver Groceries to at Risk Neighbors
Some individuals in your community may struggle to get their groceries due to their underlying health conditions. Reach out to these individuals and offer to get their groceries for them. After purchasing groceries, bring them home and quickly wipe everything down with a sanitary wipe. Then deliver them to your neighbor in need.

Support Small Businesses
Whenever possible, support small businesses in your community. Whether that be ordering takeout from a small restaurant or purchasing gift cards to use once the quarantine is over, supporting small businesses will be crucial to keeping them alive through this economic downturn.

It’s important that we all work together to fight and overcome this pandemic. Each one of us can do our part to keep each other safe and healthy.

Donate to a Good Cause
There are many good causes in the world around us. Here is just one: This a reputable company that is attempting to help students and schools get the needed supplies to accomplish the overwhelming task of doing school work at home.

Author: Brindisi Olsen Bravo

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