Extracurricular activities help students inside and outside of school. Whether it be a sport or club, volunteer work or a job, each extracurricular activity gives students opportunities they may not have in their home-life. These activities allow students to meet new people they wouldn’t normally meet, learn a new set of skills, and help prepare for college.

Meeting New People

Extracurricular activities bring a variety of students together from all across campus, sometimes even the school district. Students are able to meet different students with similar interests as them through these activities. Football players, theater kids, and geniuses come together when they join the same club or sport, allowing them to expand their network. With each club or sport, students can build their social circles past their normal group of friends.

Learn Different Skills

Students learn academic skills in the classroom. Extracurricular activities allow them to learn fun, homemaking, and professional skills outside of the classroom. Each activity can help students learn a new skill set that will help them later in life. Music, dance, sports, art, chess, cooking, student council and book clubs offer different activities and different skills. Students can learn professional skills such as time management, leadership capabilities, public speaking, teamwork, and critical and creative thinking skills.

Prepare for College

Extracurricular activities can help students prepare for college. Colleges want to know more about their applicants than just their GPA or test scores. Admissions boards can learn more about a student based on the extracurricular activities they participated in. Extracurricular activities show a personal side to each applicant and shows the Admissions Committee what students are interested in and passionate about. Colleges look for applicants who involve themselves in all types of activities outside school; clubs, sports, work, volunteering, and other extracurricular activities.


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Author: Brianne Olsen

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