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One thing that sets aGoodCause apart, besides having the highest payout in the industry and having the world’s most secure fundraising platform, is our awesome Progress Bar that teachers and coaches use to motivate and track their team members progress and effectiveness.


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  • agoodcause - Groceries delivery to senior citizens with face mask in home quarantine for Covid-19 coronavirus

    How To Be A Hero During COVID-19

    Not all of us are on the front lines fighting the coronavirus pandemic, but we can all still be heroes during this trying time. Here are six ways that you can be an everyday hero during the COVID-19 outbreak. Send a Letter Adults and children can all take the

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  • agoodcause - youtuh activity, running, physical

    Benefits of Extracurricular Activities and Fundraising

    Extracurricular activities help students inside and outside of school. Whether it be a sport or club, volunteer work or a job, each extracurricular activity gives students opportunities they may not have in their home-life. These activities allow students to m

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  • aGoodCause - parent and daugther with backpack

    How To Build A Child’s Self-Esteem

    Whether you’re a teacher, coach, educator, or parent, helping the children in your life develop self-esteem is a crucial element for their future success. With so much negativity surrounding children these days, such as poverty, cyberbullying, divorce, natur

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  • Simple Philanthropy Acts Everyone Can Adopt

    “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” --Aesop It is a new year, and for many people a new year is synonymous wit

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