When we think about abundance, a number of different things may come to mind, the nameless heads of big corporations, the one percent, or even Scrooge McDuck diving into a big pool of gold coins with a rope tied around his waist. These examples all embody one definition of abundance, but as we all know, material abundance isn’t the only way to be rich.

In my life I’ve been blessed to know several people who became rich simply by doing good. They found good causes, devoted their hearts and their bodies to those good causes, and they became wealthy as their happiness deepened, their relationships became stronger, and their homes became more peaceful.

I can think of no better example of this than my husband’s aging grandmother. At 93-years-old my husband’s aging grandmother can no longer be trusted to turn the oven off, or keep herself clean, but caring for her is not a burden for her five kids and many grandchildren. They love doing it. She spent years befriending others, caring for family, and serving others. Now they are delighted to get their chance to care for her.

When I first joined the family, I was amazed by her constant smile and positive attitude. I was also touched watching the hours she spent sitting in her big chair, embroidering decorative dish towels for her family members. I asked everyone who knew her in her younger years, “Was she always this sweet? Or did mother nature make her really nice in her old age?” “This is just her,” was the response I got, followed by numerous stories of her kindness.

When new neighbors moved in and were generally avoided by others for being different, grandma made them cookies and invited them over for hot dog roasts. When a friend seemed sad, she went out of her way to invite her to social functions. When her kids were hurt, she patched them up. When others were happy, she celebrated with them, and when they weren’t, she prayed for them. Grandma has lived a benevolent life, and now, even though her good causes are limited to embroidering kitchen towels and smiling at grand-babies, she is full of abundance. Not because she can dive in a pool of gold coins, but because she is in possession of an abundance of love from others.

Becoming like grandma doesn’t start at 93; it starts today.  Each of us can do a small part to make a tremendous difference for good. Support aGoodCause today! 


Author: Amber Mae


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