There are many ways to give to others.  Most often as a society we are asked to take out our checkbooks to help. Yet we still have so many obvious problems in the world with how we treat each other. It would appear that finances are the most obvious way to help. However your time, resources, words, and energy should not go unnoticed.  It’s often the simplest way to give to others that have the greatest impact on humanity. Let’s examine something completely free and that takes little to no time to gift to others, your smile.  A smile takes only 17 face muscles to create.  

A good deed in the universe is seen in a ripple effect of other good deeds.  While at a traffic light, you randomly smile at someone in the car next to you who just received devastating news. Your smile changes their perspective suddenly as a smile represents happiness.  Your polite gesture has helped change an attitude quickly. They reflect your smile and feel less devastated if even briefly.  A small step in your smile creates an atmosphere of generosity and kindness. Thus, a domino effect has been created. The hurt soul takes it upon them to have a positive outlook. They are motivated to feel better.  The light has changed to green and somewhere out there things begin to change for the better.

We can see this domino continue when one pays it forward in drive through lines. What a magnificent feeling to know your order has been taken care of by a stranger. A simple cup of coffee gifted to you for under a dollar has made you feel on top of the world. The immense feeling of gratitude is sparked. The receiver might pay for the order behind them or choose to bless someone else with the money they just saved.  Perhaps they use their coffee money to pay a toll fee for more than their vehicle. The person receiving the toll is able to spend less time digging through their change and therefore makes it to the hospital in a faster time to help save a life on their shift.  That patient a year later gives birth to a child who helps solve the oil crisis peacefully in their adult years… all because someone chose to buy a cup of coffee in a drive through lane. What if they were inspired by a smile on their route to get their morning cup of coffee when their day started off so poorly in bad news?

Abundance starts small.  It is said that a grateful heart attracts miracles.  It doesn’t take much to help someone feel appreciated or acknowledged. Small acts of kindness lead to waves of miracles in others.  We truly never know what someone else is going through.  So, start small and with a smile.  It could make a big difference to someone you don’t even know.  Help change the world, someone’s life could depend on it.   

Author:  K.A Potts

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