Temporary assistance needed

Job stated they can’t give me hours and I’m waiting for unemployment.
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Temporary assistance needed


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About the Campaign:

Hello everyone, I first would like to say I’m grateful for this platform because of its ability to help others. But I’m here now for my family. July 19th I went on vacation and came back 1 week later. I am a healthcare worker. Travel restrictions and quarantine guidelines, red states etc were and still are a thing. I quarantined Then provided a negative covid test to my employer, and when I asked for my schedule they said they couldn’t provide me with any hours because I was too high risk. They had allowed others to travel before and after. I was told to find another job. It’s been hard since then because I applied for unemployment in the meantime it’s been about 8 weeks and I still haven’t received any unemployment and I’ve exhausted whatever funds I have. Covid has been found in a lot of healthcare facilities, I’m 11 weeks pregnant (father is absent) and I have two children and I have to accommodate them and I’m still considered high risk as one goes to highschool and my son is in daycare. I’ve applied for jobs but the process takes 2 or more weeks before I get a response. I’m asking for help with my rent and other bills that are behind before I lose it all. I’ve called for time to put together the money and I’ve been told by November 1st for my expenses or I would have to find other means of transportation and a place to live. This money will help with “just getting by”at least until I find another job or unemployment finally kicks in. I appreciate you all taking the time to hear me out. I wish I can explain my situation more but I think you all see what’s going on. I pray everyone finds relief during these times. Any donation size will help!

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