Military Families Fortified

Supporting those who protect us, and the families they leave behind.
Military Families Fortified
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Military Families Fortified


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About the Campaign:

Fortifying Military Families
Supporting those who defend us and the families they leave behind. 

How many of you, like us, are so grateful for the men and women of the Arm-Forces?

Have you considered that in honoring them and their willingness to sacrifice their time, energy and even their lives that we often forget that most of them also sacrifice being an available spouse, a father or a mother?  How many of you have considered the great sacrifice they and their families make to protect us and help us maintain our way of life?  Our servicemen and women often deploy for great lengths of time away from their families and usually for multiple deployments within their careers.

For over 12 years, our team has had the opportunity and privilege in our practices to work therapeutically with the spouses, children, and the families that our military men and women leave behind.  We’ve been able to assist those servicemen and women along with their families in preparing for deployment; while they are actively serving; and when they return and reintegrate back into their family life.  Returning servicemen and women are often seen as strangers to their own children and it is never quite, and sometimes not remotely, like the family they left here in order to protect them and us.

Our goal is to make these transactions smoother and less stressful for all members of the family involved by creating some information and educational products using real-life experiences and challenges that have helped other military families. These tried-and-tested helps and how-to’s have provided hope to our deploying and returning servicemen and women and their families during their times of selfless service.

We are asking for your help with our goal to honor and fortify the families of those in the Arm Forces.  Your generous donations will allow us to produce these materials much faster and with much better quality. It will assist in covering the increasing expenses such as copyrights, trademarks, attorney fees, equipment, initial printing, website, and production costs. I know you, like us, believe that our servicemen and women and their families deserve the very best. 

Our team is committed to using our therapeutic knowledge, skills and abilities to honor our military men and women and their families.  Our message is one of gratitude. Our way of saying thank you is by letting them know that while they are over there, we are over here reaching out with hope, helps and how to’s for the ones they love enough to leave behind, and that we will be here to help them reintegrate back into their families after their return.

Our first project is a book called, “Military Hurble-Flurble: Ben’s Terrible Tantrum”. It tells the story of Ben, a young boy whose father has recently been deployed. Hurble-Flurble, an ageless, warm, whimsical character, helps Ben and his family learn successful strategies and proven tools through a full-color rhythmic, rhyming story.  Adapted from real-life experiences and successes of military families, “Ben’s Terrible Tantrum” addresses the hardships of deployment through an enjoyable story that is instructional, fun and helpful to both children and adults alike. At the end of the book are developmental help and other additional resources for parents which include free tools on our website.

God bless the men and women of our Arm-Forces and help us to better honor and fortify each member of their families through your generous donations. 

Thank you!

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  • Schultz Nanette

    Good work

    July 16, 2020 at 5:14 pm Reply

  • Ayad Sandra

    Good work

    July 17, 2020 at 6:11 am Reply

  • Anonymous

    helping hand

    April 12, 2021 at 1:44 pm Reply