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Helping a Family Member


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About the Campaign:

Hi everyone, Jamie (Kelly) Hoesch is a daughter, mother, wife, sister, cousin, and much more. She is a one of a kind person who would give the shirt off her back to help anyone. Jamie has grown into a beautiful person and her kindness is unmatchable. Jamie has been faced with a life altering situation and it has put us all in a state of shock. Jamie found out she has breast cancer and that it has already progressed to stage 4.

There are many intricate details to her case that we can share in detail moving forward but I wanted to take a moment and reach out to you all and ask that you help me raise some money to help put towards some unexpected medical costs she has to endure right away. I am sure these bills will continue as her treatments begin but right now, Jamie has found out that her cancer is causing her to begin taking medication that will put her at a an immediate disadvantage, reproductively, so she wants the opportunity to retrieve her eggs incase there is any chance at all. Unfortunately her insurance doesn’t cover this and the out of pocket costs are exorbitant.

As her cousin, I thought maybe we could all donate something to help her out. I know that any amount will be more than appreciated by not only Jamie, but her husband and children, and the entire Kelly family. This is a horrible and scary time for them and I think we can all take a moment to be there and show our support.

I love you all and wish I could see you all more and express it more because life is way too short and you never ever  know when something like this could threaten the lives of the ones you love.

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