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About the Campaign

In 2008, Katie went back to school for more education.  She earned a masters degree in Administration and Educational Leadership from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.  Shortly after, her life turned upside down as she went through a bankruptcy, a foreclosure on her home, domestic violence in her marriage, a move to another state, and a divorce.  She had to start all over making contacts and getting her foot in the door to try to become an administrator, which would give her the pay increase that she needed to pay for the degree!

At one point, she called the service in charge of her student loan, and broke down crying.  If I have to choose between feeding my four children, and paying my student loan, I choose my children!  The loan management company let her put her loans in forebearance, but the interest continued climbing.  After ten years, she was finally able to begin making a full payment, but the loan had doubled in size!

At this time, she has $20,000 left to pay, and has taken on two jobs, leaving her kids at 6:30 am and returning at 6:30 pm each night.  She will have her loans paid back when she is in her 60″s.  (She went to school in her 30’s)

She has never had enough money to pay into retirement.  She has worked as a school teacher for 25 years.

With help from generous donations, this hard-working single mom could use the money that she is paying on interest to put into retirement!

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One comment

  • Luke Brandley

    This is a worthy cause. Katie has been such a tremendous blessing to our organization.

    October 19, 2018 at 8:36 am Reply