Double Amputee seeks assistance funding accessible vehicle.

Double above the knee amputee needs an accessible vehicle!
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Double Amputee seeks assistance funding accessible vehicle.


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3% Funded
  • $160.00 Donated
  • $5,000.00 Goal
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About the Campaign:

Mike has always been the guy who would give you the shirt off his back but now he needs some help to get his quality of life back. Mike was a truck driver on a mission to lose weight and get healthy after getting to over 450lbs. He had weight loss surgery in 2017 and was on a good road to his goal of 200lbs. when he was out walking his daily 8 miles and was hit by a pick up truck while in a cross walk.


The accident broke his back and tailbone; which caused him to have multiple surgeries and chronic pain. This eventually led to him losing both legs above the knee at 43 years old. Learning to live his life with a double amputation hasn’t been easy but he will not let that stop him.

While he was in the hospital recovering from one of the surgeries; that took his left leg; when he was given the news that his wife of 15 years had passed away in a different hospital from pneumonia. Even with so much loss in his life he refused to give up .
Mike has struggled to be self sufficient again and is ready to get back to a semi normal life which means doing his favorite hobbies like hunting, fishing, and camping. Because of the amputations his career is over as a class A driver which he loved so he began searching for other things to enjoy and fill his daily life inside his home. He recently received a power chair which is letting him become more mobile but he has run into a snag. The chair is too heavy, by 48 lbs., to install a lift in his vehicle so he can’t go very far from home with the new chair. This makes going to the doctor or anywhere else a challenge.

Mike has a drive to keep working on his weight loss journey (before his accident he had lost over 200lbs. but has still about 100left to lose). He is also committed to helping his fiance work on her journey as well by going out and joining her and her children on “walks” around town. But he really wants to be able to take them places and do things he loves again away from home. He does get himself around in a manual chair and drives his car with the help of hand controls but a manual chair it is very difficult for him to go long distances or up hills so this power chair has been a huge blessing. Now he needs to raise funding for a down payment on an accessible vehicle that will allow his power chair to go with him when he goes out.

He has a strong desire to meet his weight loss goal from before his amputation and hopes to walk again with prosthetic legs one day. This man will not let all of the challenges he has faced in the last 3 years stop him from reaching his goals to get him his freedom back. If you have the ability to help please donate to his campaign and help this incredible man have the life he dreams of.


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