A Project to Support Orphans and Widows

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A Project to Support Orphans and Widows


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About the Campaign:

We kindly request your support to help the Orphans and the widows who are in very difficult situation, due to current Pandemic we have been very much affected and not able to support them as we used to do.

 We are the “The Get Up and Walk Foundation” our aim is to ensure that every Child in the system to know that they’re loved and valuable. We want to bring them hope, by giving them basic needs such as food, clothes, shelters and also educating, encouraging, equipping and mobilizing efforts through service, support and community involvement.

 Our Foundation is there to help Orphans and widows who are suffering alone without any support from the Government or anywhere, we support those who are in very difficult situation.

 The areas such as Congo and South Sudan where we help many Orphans, are given little humanitarian assistance as a result many children are without shelter, food and clothing  to the extent of walking naked and sleeping practically in the bushes. The number of orphans has been increasing vigorous now estimated to be 215,000 in Gidel- Southern Kordofan, in Sudan and South Sudan, whereas most of them have no access  to education, water, clothes or even proper human social formation. Widow women have also increased as a result of fighting in which their husbands are involved.

Unfortunately the area of Kordofan has no any kind of infrastructure, no offices, no Banks, no proper hospital(except Doctors without Borders), whenever we send good item such as clothes or machine, We are supporting many children in Tanzania, especially children who were abandoned/ thrown away by their parents due their physical or mental disability, children whose parents died of different disease such as AIDS etc

 Our main urgent need are on Water, Clothes, Foods, Classes/social activities Generally it’s difficult to get any assistance locally.

 “The Get Up and Walk Foundation” is a no-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of orphaned children. Our overall purpose is to elevate the well-being of orphans and empower them to succeed in whatever endeavor they choose. We are expanding throughout Africa to raise up the Hope of the affected Orphan Children.

 As a result of the War and other diseases such as AIDS pandemic etc, Hunger, more and more children are growing up without parents. Many have to fend for themselves from an early age. Through psychosocial support, they learn to cope with the loss of their parents. They regain their self-confidence and the courage that enables them to cope with life on their own.

 Every financial support from you will be very well controlled and you will receive reports weekly of how your finance has been spent, we have a proper cost control system which will make sure every cent is accounted for. If we get USD 20 from 20,000 people, we will save so many people.

Again Thank and we look forward to hear from you soon.

Sorry our website: www.getupandwalk.org  has been temporarily suspended by the service provide due to pending fee that need to be paid.

Humphrey & Eva Minja

Get Up and Walk Foundation

Whatsapp number: +971557993529

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