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About the authors
Joel Brandley: Author and Creative Director. Joel is a licensed mental health therapist. He has had the opportunity to work with many military families, servicemen and women from many of the Armed Forces over years of service. He has a deep appreciation for the added difficulty that deployment and reunification can add to a family’s daily life.

Jared Brandley: Author and Editor. Jared is a master story teller who has been delighting audiences throughout his life, with his stories and flamboyant and exuberant flare. He adds the rhythm and rhyme that makes the story fun.

Duke Brandley: Illustrator and Cover Design. Duke’s incredible artistic gifts and creativity have given the characters emotions, feelings, depth and brought them to life.

Lynnette Johnson: Contributor. Lynnette is a licensed LCSW who has spent much of her career blessing the lives of military families in many Bases throughout the United States and the world. Her insight and knowledge of Military Culture and families was very helpful in the launching of this project.

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