About Sally

Joined August 2018


Sally Stocker has spent many years working in both the corporate and university worlds. She has worked as a writer, teacher, marketer, designer, editor, tailor, and all-around-helper. Sally’s favorite compliment ever received is “omnicompetent” – so named by a university professor.

Sally owns and runs a marketing business, Dandelion Drifts, works as a cashier at a local retail store (which she honestly loves), and is currently working on a masters degree in social work (because why not?). Sally enjoys working with and helping other people and has worked or volunteered with such organizations as A Good Cause, Utah Public Radio, Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection, and the Cache Valley Civic Ballet.

She is detail-oriented, organized, a self-professed grammar nerd, and will fight you over the proper use of the Oxford (serial) comma.

You can learn more about Sally by visiting https://sallystocker.com or https://dandeliondrifts.com.

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