Click “Create a Cause”.



Select “Register” and Create a Username and Password.

Please use a valid email address as your Username.


Enter Fundraising Goal

Select Category; Enter Title; Select an End Date; Create a unique Campaign ID; Click NEXT.


Short Description and Full Story

Enter a “Short Description”, this will appear as a sub title on your campaign. Under the “Full Story” enter as much information as you would like to describe your cause and to motivate others to donate.


Upload One or Two Images

At least one image is required.


Upload a Video

Uploading a video is not required, but highly suggested. Research has shown that people are more likely to interact/donate if a video is included.


Select whether or not you would like to allow your donors to give a monthly, recurring donation.


Finish filling out your Profile Info and add an image of the campaign creator or the organization sponsoring the campaign.


You will be redirected to Stripe.com (our secure payment processor).

Select “Get Started”, Select “Individual” or “Company” (Most people select, “Individual”.  If you select “Company” you will be asked to provide a website and EIN.); Enter your Mobile # and Email; (Make sure you have your mobile phone with you).

Click NEXT; Stripe.com will text you a unique code that you will need to enter in order to continue with your account setup; Enter legal name as it appears on your Bank or Debit Card; Enter date of birth; Click NEXT; Enter Bank or Debit Card information (again, this is where funds from the campaign will be deposited); and Click SAVE.


You will be redirected to aGoodCause.com – to your Profile page; select “MY CAMPAIGNS” at the top left of your dashboard; click on the title of your campaign; you will be redirected to your campaign; you’re welcome to make any changes or updates necessary to your newly created campaign by selecting, “Edit Campaign” in the top right of the page.



Share your campaign with as many people as possible (Share via Facebook, Twitter, email, text, etc). The more people that see your campaign the more successful it will be.


You will be sent two initial emails; one from aGoodCause and one from Stripe. Please make sure to verify those emails and update any necessary information.

Congratulations, your aGoodCause campaign is created!

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to one of our specialists via Live Chat on our website; by email at Support@aGoodCause.comor  over-the-phone by calling: 1-800-801-9272.